6 Super Easy Ways to Immediately Reduce your Shopping Cart Abandonment

6 Super Easy Ways to Immediately Reduce your Shopping Cart Abandonment

What comes to mind when you thinking about the term Shopping Cart Abandonment? Where should you focus all your efforts when your trying to reduce your cart abandonment rate?

Well, most people tend to make add as many features as they can at their checkout page in the hopes that something works, however, as we all know, it's usually the simple thinking that wins in the end.

There's nothing wrong with adding advanced checkout features, or having your checkout process across multiple pages, but if you're wanting to seriously reduce your shopping cart abandonment, then you'll have to start looking at tried and tested methods.

In this article we'll discuss the various parts that make up the checkout process, as well as the 6 easy wins you can implement straight away to help increase your overall conversion rate.

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

What is shopping cart abandonment?

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As Graham Charlton stated "Abandonment is an ecommerce term uesd to describe a visitor on a webpage who leaves that page before completing their desired action, which in this case is completing their online purchase.

So now that we know what shopping cart abandonment is, let's take a look at 6 super easy ways to reduce your cart abandonment rate.

1. Hidden Costs

Considered the highest cause of cart abandonment, hidden fee's can absolutely increase your cart abandonment rate to an unparalleled level. The Solution? Keep all your costs (Shipping Especically) visible at all times. You can also take extra measures by adding the shipping cost to the product pages themselves aswell as the checkout page.

2. Page Load Speed

According to HubSpot they state that half of your traffic will bounce, If your website takes longer than three seconds to load, So it's extremely important to ensure you're website is optimised and has a quick load time. For those customers who stick around and continue with their journey it also has a significant impact. One survey says that 79% of customers wouldn't return to the site with poor performance

There's many services out there to help track your website page load speed

3. Payment Security

6 Super Easy Ways to Immediately Reduce your Shopping Cart Abandonment Trust Logos

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Visitors handing over their credit card details is quite a big act, and when it's for a website they've just stumbled upon, the trust can become a severe issue. A recent study shows that visitors who go onto an e-commerce site that displays a trustmark is 48% more likely to shop there having seen this image of trust.

6 Super Easy Ways to Immediately Reduce your Shopping Cart Abandonment Usability

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4. Coupons

The majority of online stores have coupon box, however not company takes full advantages of adding the coupon at various stages of the conversion funnel. By adding Coupons to your funnel not only are you allow the customer to feel their getting a great deal and inturn increasing sales, but you also have the ability to Upsell and Cross sell items to boost sales

5. Remarketing

6 Super Easy Ways to Immediately Reduce your Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Remarketing

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If your visitors just aren't ready to buy there and then, they may abandon their cart, and in this you are given the opportunity to remarket to them via email or sms, assuming you have the relevant opt-in.

There's a variety of different email remarketing tools already out there:

Research from Chadwick Martin Baileysuggest that emails sent one hour after cart abandonment has a 20.3% Conversion Rate

6. Customer Support

6 Super Easy Ways to Immediately Reduce your Shopping Cart Abandonment Live Chat

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Sometimes regardless of how easy, clear and simple your checkout process might be, visitors sometimes have questions that they feel need answering before they continue with their purchase. According to this collection of live chat statistics they say that companies that use Live chat increase their revenue, and expect live chat to grow as much as 87% in the next year.

You may be thinking you can just replace the Live Chat functionality with another method such Social media, SMS, or Email, however, in a recent survey by Super Office, they suggest that Live Chat has the highest customer satisaction rating above all other methods, as well as proving the fasting reponse time.

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