An Introduction to Exit Intent Technology

An Introduction to Exit Intent Technology

What is Exit Intent Technology?

Simply put, Exit Intent Technology is an intelligent technology or software platform that has the ability to allow ecommerce website owners communicate or interact with website visitors that are about to abandon the website for whatever reason, without engaging with the website content, be that buying something, completing (or part completing) a form, booking tickets or hotel rooms, signing up for a service, or whatever offer or service the website provides.

Ok, Let’s Start with a Basic Offline Analogy

If you run a shop in the high street, your lifeblood is customers coming through the door. You have probably paid a premium rent to get the prime position, so it has to be said, therefore, that letting someone into the shop, browse around and then leave before you get the chance to say ‘May I help you?’ is not good business practice. You would want to maximise the buying potential of every customer that walks through the door. It costs nothing to say ‘May I help you?’ But more to the point, what does it cost you by not saying it?

It is the same with an online presence. You want to get the most out of everyone that visits your website. Otherwise, why have an online presence? Generating traffic to a website can be an expensive process, so it makes sense to maximise every visitor to your site. Most e-commerce sites strive to increase their conversion of 10 -20% of visitors that do engage with the site, so why not look at monetizing the 80 – 90% of people that leave the site without engaging?

Is This a New Technology?

The technology has been around for many years in the form of Java Script pop ups on desktops. However, this old technology is very basic and does not offer the functionality or ability to display content rich overlays like modern technology allows. The modern technologies developed recently utilise more intelligent algorithms and triggers to ascertain when a visitor to a website is about to leave, and have the ability to serve up more engaging content.

So How Does Exit Intent Technology Work?

By monitoring how a visitor is interacting with the website, and tracking mouse moves or finger swipes, the software can detect when a visitor is about to leave the website. At the point of abandonment, the software displays an overlay to the visitor. This overlay can be in the form of a special offer, a sign up request, a survey or anything else of interest. The idea is to re-engage the traffic and convert the abandoning visitors into buyers or subscribers.

Why Use Exit Intent Technology Software?

Several studies have shown that by using Exit Intent Technology, ecommerce website owners and marketers can improve conversion rates significantly. By communicating with the visitor whilst they are still actually on the website, you stand a much better chance of pulling them back into the site. Exit Intent Technology is a powerful and proactive tool that eliminates the difficult task of trying to entice them back by using emails or sms methods. This tool has the potential to convert 10 to 15 percent of abandoning site visitors. If you have a high bounce rate or a large percentage of visitors to your site abandon without engaging, then Exit Intent Software could be a serious tool in your arsenal.

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