About Us

Find out a little bit more about the R3engage technology.

R3ENGAGE was developed by the Team at R3 Software Solutions Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the SP2 Technology Group.

Conceived in the winter of 2006, R3ENGAGE was originally designed to cater for desktop abandonment issues on the then ubiquitous Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox Web Browsers. Although limited in functionality at the time, the software quickly proved a success at monetising disengaging visitors, and was duly deployed across the entire digital asset base of the company.

Fast forward 10 years and R3ENGAGE now caters for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop operating system environments, and is currently the worlds most advanced online re-engagement technology on the market.

Its patent pending technology allows website owners to target abandoning visitors (at point of exit), with rich, fully customisable creative content, yielding additional opportunities for customer conversion, retention and monetisation.

At its core lays is a proprietary abandonment engine that has been built from the ground up to support multiple client’s devices with advanced trigger based detection methodologies. The result is that of a re-engagement platform unsurpassed by anything else commercially available – a platform that will help you unlock hidden potential from your existing traffic base, changing the way you acquire new business forever.

With over 20 years' experience of bespoke application research, design and support (on a global stage), our world-class team of creative artists, conversion specialists and developers combine as one to provide innovative solutions that consistently break new ground!

R3ENGAGE is owned and developed by the Team at R3 Software Solutions Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the SP2 Technology Group based in Retford, Nottinghamshire.

The group comprises interests in Consumer Finance, Telecoms, IT Security and Data warehousing. Our client base spans 2 continents, and includes some of the worlds best known brands and government agencies.

Our approach to everything starts with the customer, sharing our unique technical expertise and practical experience to all that we do, delivering nothing but the highest levels of success across the online space.